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White Zinfandel, “Don’t Judge Me,” Estate Vineyard, DCV, 2020

“Don’t judge me” is Cast’s White Zinfandel completely unexpected, but serious take, on white Zinfandel- almost clear, mineral, dry, high acid, very little color, very subtle. This wine could be described as androgynous, a puzzle, conservative in appearance but completely unexpected in taste. This wine is likely to under promise and over deliver. 

Uniquely an American attribution, Zinfandel  has its history being a bit low-brow, overly accessible, in your face, sweet, jammy, not the varietal of typical wine enthusiasts. This wine has a completely different profile. The tasting notes here are: floral blossom, lemon grass, lemon verbena, zest, high acid, on the palate, blanc de noire raspberry fruit, acid on the finish, wet

These grapes were picked at 4am to ensure stable sugars as we were going for a dry wine. Within a couple hours the grapes are loaded into our press where went through a 2 hour press cycle slowly extracting the juice with minimal color. Fermented in stainless steel for 5 months.

100% Zinfandel
Stainless steel
5 Months
30 cases
whole-cluster pressed (not full cluster)

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Dry Creek Valley


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750 ml