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Pét Nat Pinot

Limited Release

Pinot Noir, Pét-Nat, Russian River Valley, 2020

“Let’s Party” is a radiant new wine that we think you will love. Following on our successful release a few weeks ago of our “Grenache Nouveau” called “Go Your Way”, this new wine is our first take on a “pétillant naturel” or “Pét-Nat” of Pinot Noir from the Bacigalupi vineyard.

“Let’s Party” was crafted by hand in an ancient sparkling wine process resulting in this feisty, young, fruit forward, low tannin, playful way of revisiting the past. Full cluster fermentation.  Cherry notes on the palette. Orange blossom, Indian baking spices, high-tone cherry, dusty tannins on the finish.  A delightful wine.

“Let’s Party” 2020 Pét Nat Pinot Noir production notes. First, the Saignee! While crafting our popular and delicious Pinot Noir, we typically “bleed off” just a little bit of the juice from the tank of fermenting must. This leaves a higher skin-to-juice ratio for the main tank during fermentation, giving us the desired concentration and richness we seek in that wine. The French call this Saignee, literally translated as “to bleed”, and it leaves us with a rose colored bi-product wine, typically just used for “topping”.
The second step we then took was to keep this juice separate while it continued to ferment, and then, using an ancient process called the Méthode Ancestral, we bottled the wine while it was still fermenting, thus trapping in CO2, producing bubbles.

The last step is to riddle the sediment from the native yeast to the neck of the bottle, freeze it and disgorge the ice “plug”. All of this is done by hand, so very time consuming and labor intensive. But the result, a delicious Pétillant Naturel of Pinot Noir (frequently referred to as a “Pét Nat”) is worth it. If we hadn’t already committed these bottles, we probably would have just kept them for ourselves!

pick date-9/11/2020
34 case production
3.40 PH
12% alcohol
100% neutral Oak
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Dry Creek Valley


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750 ml