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Welcome Varzi Group Holiday Celebration

Cast Wines is proud to provide our Sparkling Blanc de Noirs for The Varzi Group Holiday Celebration

We are a small Sonoma County winery founded eight years ago by Ann and Jack Seifrick with a goal of providing excellent wines to be enjoyed among friends and family, forming lasting memories.

This wine is among our most popular, dry yet bold, and versatile in food parings – an excellent choice for happy hour!

Open by appointment for custom tours and tastings, we often kick off visits to our winery with this wine and frequently have our guests saber the bottle – a memorable feat and certainly a festive way to open a bottle! Below is a short video on the “art of sabrage.”

It’s said that the tradition of sabrage started with Napoleon celebrating his conquests by unsheathing his saber and opening a bottle of bubbles. He reportedly proclaimed “Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it.” We certainly hope that it is in the spirit of victory that you enjoy this bottle!

For more information on this wine or any of our other selections, please click here. You can even purchase your own saber!

Happy Holidays and please stay safe!

Ann and Jack


A tip here, removing the cage is optional, typically people do remove it. Duff likes to leave the cage on, but loosens and retightens the cage to the right above the lip so after the sabering you have a the cork, cage and portion of the top of the bottom intact like you see at the end of the video. Let us know how it goes!





We’re Here, Come On By!

We are open for safe wine pick-ups and
purchasing in our boutique from 10a-4p daily.

We are also offering virtual wine tastings. Please contact us to book your experience or learn more on the site in the “Visit” tab.


Cast Wines, Dry Creek Valley