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CAST Creative Lab

Welcome to the CAST Creative Lab

We at CAST Wines have had some extra time over the past months and our creative juices (literally) have gone wild. We’ve used the time to explore new grape varietals and new forms of winemaking, the things you always wished you had the time to do. The result: four totally new wines that are completely out of the box for us. Each is just a barrel or so, only about 25 cases, so these will be limited in release to just within our membership for the curious and adventurous among you!

We’d like to invite you to embark on this new adventure with us and try out these wines. Think of this as a special “club within a club”, what we are referring to as the “CAST Creative Lab”. We’ll be releasing a wine per month over the next four months, and are already thinking about new wines to add next year…


First up is a wine we call “go your way”, our take on a Grenache Nouveau. It’s sourced from a small vineyard and made in a completely unique manner to produce a dynamite example of a fresh and zesty red wine. The vineyard, just two acres, is biodynamically farmed from vines supplied by legendary grower Randall Grahm, the original “Rhone Ranger.” We brought the fruit in and made the wine using the carbonic maceration process whereby the entire grape cluster is put into a stainless tank and sealed under a blanket of carbon dioxide. There, a unique type of enzymatic fermentation begins within the grapes themselves. This extracts delicate fruit and floral aromatics and flavors. The tank is opened and treaded by foot every day as native yeasts finish the job. The wine is bottled early with just a little of the natural CO2 and acidity to make it literally mouthwatering! This process captured the earthy quality and funkiness of an old world Grenache, but is produced in a new way that promotes the fresh and bright notes of the fruit  – a truly perfect blend of old and new world winemaking.

pick date-9/11/2020
48 case production
3.40 PH
11.53% alcohol
100% neutral Oak


SECOND RELEASE (info coming soon)


Upcoming CAST Creative Lab activities: Reservations for each release are very limited. CCL members are invited to attend one of the release events as well as the Tank Tastings in July. Please contact Duff at to request your appointment

First Release
Grenache Nouveau / 48 cases
Ship date : March 10th
Virtual Tasting with Ashley Herzog (TBD)
Tank Tasting/ Pick-up March 14 4;30-6:30 reserve now

Second Release / 24 cases
Ship date : April 7th
Tank Tasting/ Pick-up March 14  4;30-6:30 reserve now

Third Release / 43 cases
Ship date :  May 5th
Beach Party May 9th  4;30-6:30 reserve now

Fourth Release/ 29 cases
Ship date : June 2nd
Special limited release tasting and Pick-up Party 4:30-6:30 reserve now

CCL Tank Tasting to be held July 30th and 31st reserve now




There are two ways to access CAST Creative Lab Wines:

SUBSCRIBE: Purchase a Subscription to CAST Creative Lab and be guaranteed all 4 of these rare releases.

(8 bottles + includes shipping, special CCL events, no discounts are available for this exclusive offering)


 Purchase this current release and you’ll automatically become an exclusive member of CCL. You’ll be first to access to the following releases and be invited to free virtual tastings with Ashley. 
(2 bottles + includes shipping, no discounts are available for this exclusive offering)

Included for all:  Connect with like-minded adventurers in our included virtual tasting with winemaker Ashley and learn more about how this wine came to be, get introduced to an emerging wine movement and share your tasting and pairing experiences.

We’re Open for Tastings!
Book your tasting online.

Because of Covid restrictions, reservations are required for wine pick-ups. Give us a call to book your Winter Release Pickup.
Thank you.

We hope to see you soon.
The CAST Team

Cast Wines, Dry Creek Valley