Holiday Release

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Holiday Release

Three new, very special wines are available for this special Holiday Release.

Twice per year, at the holidays and the start of summer, CAST Wines is proud to offer a supplemental/optional member release showcasing some of our more limited and special wines, often including our bubbles. It’s with great enthusiasm that we bring you this 2021 Holiday Release.

This year we are offering for our optional release in a 6-pack, 2 bottles each of:

Sparkling Brut Rose, Estate Grown, 2019 $60.00 – For those of you who love sparkling Rosé your wait is over. This new bright and fresh sparking wine is being disgorged the week of the 25th and will be ready for your holiday, and everyday, celebrations. Our first Estate Brut Rose smells of honeyed strawberries, toasted almonds, and pink grapefruit. The palate is lifted with heavy citrus notes balanced by red fruit undertones and a slight brioche character running throughout. This is a beautiful wine to have as an aperitif or with friends at any celebration.

Blanc de Noirs, Estate Grown, 2019  $55.00 –  As with the Estate Sparkling Rosé (and the upcoming Brut Natural), this is our inaugural release of sparkling wines made from our own fruit (see note below).  We are so proud of this first vintage of our estate sparkling wine. The color is of a blanc de noir, with no hint of color from the Zinfandel grapes. Tiny delicate bubbles really lift out of the glass. The nose is full of pretty green apple, lemon oil, gardenia and white rose petal. The palate is honeyed with flavors of candied meyer lemon zest and tart apple. The palate is balanced but bright with beautiful fruit and great acidity. This is a super diverse wine, food-pairing wise and could go with briny oysters or a more low-brow fried chicken.

Syrah, Sonoma Mountain, 2019  $52.00 –  As we’ve noted before, the pandemic period brought us opportunities that would otherwise not have been available. One such opportunity was access to this amazing Syrah. Having never produced a Syrah, we took a chance that this wine might just be so good that our members would give it a try. It’s quickly become one of our favorites and, we think, just an outstanding wine to pare with a number of foods in your holiday feasts. Big and a bit spicy without being too heavy, the wine is literally a gift unto itself. We hope you will try some. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t, Jack might drink all of it himself!

An added incentive to participate in this release – complimentary UPS ground shipping on six bottles – our holiday gift to you!

Or for more information please give us a call at 707.431.1225

Production notes on the Bubbles!

 Ashley Herzburg

As most of you know, winemaker Ashley Herzberg joined CAST in the summer of 2019. As a huge fan, collector and follower of grower Champagnes and a variety of sparkling wines from all over the world, Ashley’s first question, literally, was: “why aren’t you making sparkling wine from your estate vineyard?”

We must admit that a sparkling zinfandel was not something we had contemplated, even though we have a huge following for our other bubbly offerings. After tasting through an extensive sampling of sparkling wines from a surprising variety of grapes, including some which Ashley had made for one of our neighbors, we became convinced that she was on to something. Thus was born our first ever 2019 vintage estate sparkling project.

The process of making sparkling wine is long and complex, involving some equipment not readily available to small wineries. First, we harvested our zinfandel earlier than we had ever done so, at only about 21 brix of sugar, to crush and ferment the “base wine” – a bright and fresh “white zinfandel” (in 2020 we actually bottled some of this as our “Don’t Judge Me” creative lab wine). Once the base wine was finished, our friends at Rack & Riddle in Healdsburg helped us bottle the wine with a small amount of sugar and yeast to begin the two year process of second fermentation, riddling and aging – known as the “traditional method”. Then, a few months ago, we entered dosage trials, where we sample the wine and do experiments with various dosage elements (the liquid used to replace the volume lost during disgorgement).




Those trials amazed us in terms of the versatility and deliciousness of the wine and actually led us to divide up the total lot into three distinct wines,

  • Estate Blanc de Noirs $55 (translated as “white wine from red grapes”)
  • Estate Brut Rose’ $58  (the dosage is a tiny amount of zinfandel, giving the wine it’s pink hue)
  • Estate Brut Natural (no dosage at all)
  • The Brut Nature remains in triage and will be “late disgorged” in mid 2022.


Happy 2022!Take advantage of this rare deal andrestock your cellar.

As a thank you for your support, and to celebrate a new year, 
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