Meet our Founders

Jack and Ann Seifrick

Jack & Ann Seifrick


One evening back in 2011, our founders were searching for the perfect plot of land to open their new winery. Sitting with a bottle of wine, watching the sunset over the vineyards of a lush site in Dry Creek Valley, the group found themselves spellbound by the scenery – and the name “CAST” was born. Nine years and thousands of bottles later (produced; not consumed), the sight still stops us in our tracks. And when you visit, we know it’ll do the same to you. 

John & Jacki Miller

John & Jacki Miller


Co-founders John and Jaclyn Miller, met in college through their shared love of football and Notre Dame.   After graduating Notre Dame, John’s career path of portfolio investing led into the world of community banking.  It was the sale of their Professional Bank-Dallas in 2010 that led to John and Jack Seifrick convincing their wives to purchase the small vineyard in Dry Creek Valley that would become Cast Wines.  When John and Jaclyn are not enjoying the wonderful wines of CAST, John serves as the CEO of Las Vegas’s newest community bank, Lexicon and Jaclyn is a CFO for Smart City which keeps them busy while juggling their four children, three Labradors and two cats in Henderson, Nevada.