Meet the Wizard.

Mike Gulyash is a lot of things. (Pronounced “Goo-lee-awsh.” Not “Goulash.” That’s a soup.)

He’s a CSU Sonoma grad, with a Bachelor’s in Organic Chemistry. He’s an alumnus of top wineries around Sonoma County, including Jordan Estate, B. R. Cohn Winery, and Zichichi Family Winery.

He’s also a pilot, with his own Cessna 172. A third-degree Aikido black belt. An AMA-certified motorcycle racer. A seasoned rock climber, who’s tackled El Cap in Yosemite National Park. AND, a trained assassin. (Okay, we made up that last one. But all the others are true.)

With over 35 years in the wine business, Mike can talk tannins, acidity, and mouthfeel with the best of them. His wines routinely achieve 90+ scores and industry awards. But in his eyes, a good bottle is a work of art – something that demands your attention, takes you away from the outside world, and makes you feel something – if only for a moment.