Casting the Spell

Tucked into the forest on a tranquil bench above our Grey Palm vineyard in beautiful Dry Creek Valley, Cast Wines grows and crafts wines in limited quantities highlighting the best grape sources of Sonoma County. Our property’s spellbinding views and our laid back, seated tasting experience combine to offer an authentic wine country visit recalling a simpler time.  The first time we walked this stunning property, we observed formations of migrating birds, felt the cool afternoon breeze on our shoulders,  heard the distant frogs begin to sing and then, just as the sun set behind Bradford Mountain, a lone coyote began to howl in the distance, as if to say…”what are you waiting for?” A spell was Cast upon us at that very moment (as well as a name) and our course was set.

Our Winemaker

Cast Winemaker Mike Gulyash has spent the majority of his career making wine in Sonoma County. He has personally performed, with his own hands, almost every task in the vineyard and the winery. Mike is a master at coaxing out the essence of a vineyard, crafting wines with a flavorful and balanced style to reflect the fruit he tastes in the vineyard. His philosophy centers on enhancing the fruit, not overpowering it. Every time you enjoy a bottle of Cast wine, his goal is to transport you to our vineyards!

While earning his BA degree in Chemistry with an emphasis on Organic Chemistry from California State University-Sonoma, Mike started his career at Jordan Estate. There, influenced by winemakers André Tchelistcheff and Rob Davis, he learned his craft and adopted his unique approach, advancing over ten years to become Cellar Master. Mike then joined B. R. Cohn Winery as Winemaker where he collaborated with winemaker Merry Edwards. Mike has built a reputation for his deft touch and intuition in crafting his delicious, award-winning wines, most recently at Zichichi Family Winery.

Proudly Sonoma

Sometimes referred to as the Provence of America, Sonoma County is a truly magical place to grow grapes and make wine. With over 150 years of winemaking tradition, it is the birthplace of California wine and home to multiple fine wine growing regions known throughout the world . But Sonoma is so much more…

  • Culinary Nirvana – a rich history of growing and preparing outstanding natural and delicious foods;
  • Geographic Diversity – from the Pacific coast to the rugged mountains, to the fertile valleys and beautiful Lake Sonoma just a few miles from Cast;
  • Unique Characters – a reputation for stubborn individualism, pioneering spirit and personalized innovation;
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts – sportsman, gardeners, you name it, if it can be done outdoors, our Mediterranean climate accommodates one’s fresh air interests
  • Pure Beauty!